How to fix WordPress HTTP Error while uploading media ?

i got this HTTP Error on all of my Wordpress sites when i was trying to upload a new image to the media gallery.

Most important meta tags for your website SEO

A few years back, meta tags were important to search engine optimization. However, they’ve been abused and are generally ignored by almost all search engines. These are the most important

How to Add Dynamic Copyright Year in WordPress

there is an elegant way to create a dynamic copyright year with creating a small function in wordpress that will calculate the years of existence and diplay it in proper way in the footer.

Revealing HTML Elements On Scroll

This is a lighweight js plugin used for revealing html elements on scroll on websites. Easy to implement as explained and easy to use to create beautiful modern sites.

Remove admin bar in WordPress

Wordpress automatically adds an admin bar at the top of the page when the user is logged in. Using this code snippets you can remove admin bar on your pages